The Hundred And Classical Pilates

Click above to see a short video comparing The Hundreds breathing in “Classical” Pilates and now. You can listen to Joan Breibart discuss The Hundreds and “Classical” Pilates HERE.

Parasetter® for Baby

Ashley Bouder and Violet, Breige O’Donnell Smith and Llewyn, Monica Mendes and Maya, Kristin Mcgee and William & Robert.

Enjoy these photos of some adorable babies and their Moms.

This is why they like Parasetter®:

“The Parasetter can serve as an aide for tummy time and prone positioning which promote motor development.”
Breige O’Donnell Smith MD & Certified Pilates Teacher


“The nervous system is the first to develop in the womb and does not reach maturity until well into childhood. It undergoes astounding transformation, especially in the first two years of life! Infants are exposed to vast amounts of information which help stimulate and develop their sensorimotor skills. They are busy developing their senses including the “sixth” sense, proprioception, which is responsible for the awareness of their body and how it interacts in their environment. Today, infants spend a significant amount of time in positions that restrict exploration ultimately impacting their sensorimotor development. The Parasetter can serve as an aide for tummy time and prone positioning which promote motor development. It is a great tool for skin-to-skin time between caretaker and baby as well. Infants are extremely responsive to touch, and this can serve as an opportunity not only to help destress a new parent, but also help regulate the stress level of the baby by providing a bonding opportunity.”
-Breige O’Donnell Smith MD & Certified Pilates Teacher.

“We’re a Parasetter® family! Mom and babies Robert and William love it for its calming effects and my three year old son Timothy likes to walk on the rollers and show off his balance skills!”
– Kristin McGee, Expert Yoga Instructor

We have an exciting surprise for our clients, we have had such great success with Parasetter® that we are now able to offer it for $79.50 at retail. Thank you all for your continued dedication to PhysicalMind Institute.