July Newsletter

You can find Marika Molnar’s feature in the July edition of Dance Teacher Magazine HERE

“In her work as director of physical therapy for New York City Ballet, Marika Molnar relies on tools like bands, balls and Pilates equipment to rehabilitate and strengthen dancers. She says there’s a place for such tools in daily dance classes, as well. Resistance and stability tools can help students develop strength and even break bad habits. “Say someone is compensating because of a weakness or restriction—that’s what they’re always going to do,” she says, even after a teacher corrects them repeatedly. “If you give them something that makes things a little unfamiliar, their brain has to participate more. It becomes not only a physical exercise but a cognitive one.” The dancer learns in a new way, and improves.

Molnar has collaborated with Pilates expert Joan Breibart and PTs at Westside Dance Physical Therapy to create a series of tools and exercises with dancers’ training and recovery needs in mind. Here, she shares three of her favorites.”

Elaine DeMarkondes teaching a Standing Pilates Workshop for Dancers, held at a Dance Festival June 17th in Curitaba, Parana, Brazil promoted by Ballet Guaira Dancers Association. All photos by Cayo Vieira.

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