1. How is your Matwork Certification Program structured?

Students must complete both Evolution 101 and 201 (Online and in-studio component of training) for an Active Matwork & Standing Pilates Certification.

Evolution 101 Online & In-Studio Component:

Register for access to online material through our website.
Material includes: Awareness Sequence, Demonstration of 27 Fundamentals, Exercise Application, Electronic Manual.
Study streaming material.
Pass online exam covering streaming material.
Receive downloadable certificate for completion of the online sequence.
Contact any of our Certifying Studios to complete practical portion (1 day workshop or half day of private instruction).
Certifying Studio notifies us when students have completed practice hours and have received full E101 letter of completion.


Evolution 201 Online & In Studio Component:

Upon completion of Evolution 101 online & studio practice, register for access for Evolution 201 online.
Material includes: Exercise training in Matwork, Standing & Circular Pilates, Electronic Manual.
Pass online exam covering streaming material.
Receive downloadable certificate for completion of the online sequence.
Take certificate to nearest practice studio to complete practical portion of the training.
Practice studio notifies us when students have completed practice hours.

We send your Mat & Standing Certificate active for 2 years.

2. How is your Apparatus Certification Program structured?

Evolution 101 followed by Concentration 101.

For more info and to register for Apparatus Certification click here

3. How is time spent during the Concentration course?

A 10-week course to certify in TheMethod Pilates includes the following:

48 observation hours
40 lecture hours
60 self-practice hours
60 homework hours and
75 assistant teaching

4. What if I can’t take off 10 weeks?

Our certification courses allow for flexibility. Concentration 101 meets for one weekly 4-hour mini-workshop. Observation, Self -Practice and Student Teaching (a total of 245 hours) are scheduled separately with your Certifying Teacher/Mentor.

5. Did you say Mentor?

Mentoring is another distinction of our program. You learn in an active Pilates studio from teachers who have been certified in TheMethod Pilates and have extensive experience mentoring students like you.

6. What are the Fundamentals?

These are mini movements to teach body awareness. Eve Gentry – Joe Pilates’ first and longest serving Teacher – began to create these in the 80s. PMI codified them in the 90’s, and we have added new ones in succeeding years. Today we have 27 Fundamentals, each one consisting of two or more parts. Fundamentals are not technically exercises. As Joseph Pilates said, “It is the mind that builds the body.” The reason we focus on Fundamentals is so these movements become a part of our subconscious mind. Ultimately the mind will transfer them to our bodies, and they become the foundation for all other types of movement. PMI is the only program that teaches students how to analyze all movement, always acknowledging the importance of the relationship between mind and body.


7. Why does our Matwork Pilates Certification go beyond just the Classical exercises?

Many of the “advanced” exercises are really just variations of the intermediate ones. More important, many of these exercises are unsuitable for an aging, super-sized population. So the second weekend teaches classical mat; Standing Pilates‚ and Circular Pilates combined in a workout that is right for the 21st Century. As a teacher, you learn twice the choreography and have the ability to reach a larger audience. You receive a Letter of Completion for Evolution 101 and a Certificate of Certification for Evolution 201, renewable every 2 years.

8. Why do we teach all apparatus exercises concurrently while others make you take different courses for each apparatus (Reformer, Chair, Cadillac/trap)?

We focus on depth and coherence, not selling equipment. These exercises are based on just 8 spinal movements – the rest is choreography. Teaser can be done on the Mat, the Reformer, the Cadillac/Trap and the Chair. You will learn why the movement is the same, but may feel different, when transferred from the floor to the various apparatus. This principle applies to the other exercises as well. There aren’t 500 exercises, just different names for variations of the core movements. Each exercise can be modified, and there are potentially thousands if you count each choreographic change. Yet all of these can be understood by learning our 7 Principles of Modification.

9. What are your Cancellation Policies?

A) Evolution 101/201/301, Concentration 201/301:

More than 30 days prior to first day of class: full refund of fee paid.
Within 30 to 7 days prior to first day of class: $75.00 U.S. cancellation fee.
Within 7 days prior to the first day of class: $150.00 U.S. cancellation fee.
Rescheduling, allowed one time without fee; $50.00 U.S. fee for 2nd time.
No rescheduling within 7 days prior to class; cancellations only.
No refunds after beginning of Workshop.
Materials are non-refundable.

B) Concentration 101:

6 to 4 weeks prior to course date: $175.00 U.S. cancellation fee.
4 to 2 weeks prior to course date: $400.00 U.S. cancellation fee.
Less than 2 weeks prior to course date: $800.00 U.S. cancellation fee.
Rescheduling is allowed only once; $50.00 U.S. fee for 2nd time.
No refunds after beginning of course.
Materials are non-refundable.
Deadline for registration is 7 days prior to the start of the course. Any registration afterwards must be made by credit card only.

Before booking travel arrangements: Unfortunately we may need to cancel a scheduled course if registration is too low. Before making travel arrangement for courses outside of your local area, call us at 212.343.2150 to find out if courses will be running as scheduled.

10. Which information should I prepare for my Concentration 101 exam?

Which fundamentals are primary to which exercise.
How to modify all exercises.
How to differentiate all body types.
How to take deconstruct an advanced apparatus exercise.
Review Initiation/Evolution 101 and Concentration 101 materials.

Please click here to register for an exam.

11. What about Continuing Education Credits (CEC)?

PMI makes Continuing Education as accessible and affordable as possible. Click here for details.

12. How can I become included in the worldwide Teacher/Studio Finder?

Send an email to alejandra@themethodpilates.com with all of your studio contact information. If you have a website or a Facebook page we will help you link to us.

13. Already certified with another organization?

Certified teachers may wish to add PMI Certification to their training. We require anyone to take the Evolution 101 and then the Certifying Teacher will determine what other programs you need.

14. How does Evolution Online differ from other Pilates certification programs?

Our curriculum:

We are the only program that uses the 27 fundamentals.
Tye4 assists in articulation of these principals kinesthetically.
We teach the Classical Mat exercises, Standing Pilates® and Circular Pilates™.
We have developed a Brain Workout to exercise your mind and body.

Our delivery:

We are the first internationally recognized certification program to incorporate a streaming component our training.
Using streaming video we are able to precisely and consistently teach this evolved Pilates & biomechanical training.
Students are able to practice on their own schedule at home using Tye4 for connection and resistance.

15. Interested in getting involved?

To become a Certifying Studio, please submit your studio URL, location, studio size, equipment and staff size to alejandra@themethodpilates.com.

To become a Continuing Education Provider, please submit proposals to joan@themethodpilates.com.  Soon we will be launching our online continuing education programs. We are always looking for additional partners to deliver new content.