"I first was introduced to HeadFloater at the PMI office in NYC. At that time it was only a prototype. I immediately saw its many benefits and uses. I especially like using mine now when I am sitting at my desk working on my computer. It's a wonderful tool to alleviate neck and shoulder tension."

- Kevin A. Bowen, Former PMA President

"Excellent product - simple to use and surprisingly effective! I use it to treat persistent neck tension in my Levator Scapulae--typical of too much work in front of a computer--and it relieved pain and tightness within days. Nothing else has worked so well."

- Bob Hanumn

"The HF is to the Cervical Spine and shoulders as the PFM is to the CORE:  the essential beginning of truly integrated, supportive movement. HeadFloater gave me a nice correction in my sub occipital muscles. Great for dealing with Forward Head. A very subtle use of  then entire shoulder girdle. HF gets muscles to orchestrate--not just fire. LOVE IT!!!"

- Zoe Stein Pierce, B.A M.F.A C.M.A, ZMoves FW

"Clients can’t feel whether their back is working--one reason is they can’t see it! HF eliminates this obstacle and makes them have an AHA moment---and then a smile."

- Jill Balch, Total Pilates of Tulsa