Fit and Use

HeadFloater® (HF) Information

Placement: The strap adjuster goes on the forehead at the hairline. The neoprene band circles the head and sits under the occipital ridge at the base of your skull. Adjust size for a snug fit. Make sure the straps are even and the HF labels are visible.

Book Size: Your head needs to rest on a paperback book. The demonstrator’s head rests on one that is ½ inch thick. Many people will need a thicker book. If your chin lifts upwards and your head tilts backwards, you need a thicker book to support your head.

Side Extend Move: Men use 4th one; women use 2nd or 3rd counting from the closest to your head as #1. Inhale and extend the straps gently; exhale and release. Repeat twice. Pause and repeat twice and Extend on the exhalation.

Single Side Extend Move: Same as above for  thumb loops. Extend the right strap on the exhale while your head turns to the left. Then extend the left strap to the side while your head turns to the right. Repeat the sequence.

Head Suspend: Move thumbs to 1st or 2nd loop and raise bent arms overhead. Interlace fingers & press palms together. Allow head to rest in the HF supported by the straps and  your arms. This move takes  practice: most people find “letting go” more difficult than doing something! You may lift your head a tiny bit just so you can allow it to UNWEIGHT ITSELF. Imagine that a massage therapist is  holding your head and saying, “RELAX and give me the weight of your head.” Feel the weight of your head and then relax your arms and rest your hands on your head. Then raise your arms and  repeat. Finally,  remove HF and then  roll to a seated  position very slowly. Make sure straps are tighten before you do this move. Pull straps before lifting.

Seated Side Extend on a Chair: Sit forward in your chair. Feet planted on the floor. Engage abdominals.  Sit up tall  and  breathe. Feel your head is floating towards the  ceiling. Then do  Side Extend Moves 2-4  times. Breathe naturally. Close your eyes. Again, relax arms. Feel your shoulder blades moving closer together. Breathe into your back ribs. Use HeadFloater supine for a week before trying seated version.

Seated Side Rotation: Extend straps to cradle your head and then turn your torso slowly. Your head and arms go along for the ride. This is a smooth gradual movement. Return to center and do the other side while breathing naturally.

DO NOT HOLD Positions more than 10 seconds. Feel each move and then relax your arms. Then repeat. Always pull gently. This is an Awareness Device.

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You should understand that when participating in any movement or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you participate in this program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge PhysicalMind Institute from any and all claims or causes of action.

 HeadFloater® patent 9,204,987 B1.