June Newsletter

Tye4® Takes Argentina Elaine de Markondes, MD presenting PhysicalMind Institute concepts and teaching a workshop with Fundamentals, Matwork and Standing Pilates® with the Tye4®. This workshop “Pilates Memorial & Trends” took place in Mar Del Plata, Argentina on June 3-4, 2017. Shop Tye4® Incorporate Tye4® in the Gym Monica Mendes demonstrates how to use Tye4® … Continue reading “June Newsletter”

The Hundred And Classical Pilates

Click above to see a short video comparing The Hundreds breathing in “Classical” Pilates and now. You can listen to Joan Breibart discuss The Hundreds and “Classical” Pilates HERE. Parasetter® for Baby Ashley Bouder and Violet, Breige O’Donnell Smith and Llewyn, Monica Mendes and Maya, Kristin Mcgee and William & Robert. Enjoy these photos of … Continue reading “The Hundred And Classical Pilates”

April Newsletter

Back9Pilates™ is Beefing up Golf Conditioning with Tye4® Back9Pilates™ is based in the Bay Area of Northern California and works with golfers both on the course and remotely via skype by utilizing Tye4® to allow players to improve their game. Barbara Hoffer, Director of Back9Pilates™ is now offering a Golfer’s Special: Two 1-on-1 Skype Sessions … Continue reading “April Newsletter”

March Newsletter

If you are still asking, “WHY TYE4®”  look at this free trailer from Ashley Benson.  The trailer gives you an idea of what is covered if you spend $2.99 you will experience how she transitions and cues so that the users gets feedback, assistance, resistance and a different feel doing these well-known exercises.  This is the best use we have seen of … Continue reading “March Newsletter”

Marika Molnar PT Using The MINIS™ With NYC Ballet

Marika Molnar PT of Westside Dance Physical Therapy using the MINIS™ with New York City Ballet dancers. Big thanks to all of our favorite dancers (their dogs!) and Ezra Hurwitz for the beautiful footage. We have just launched our PILATES HISTORY page. This includes 7 audio discussions from Joan Breibart ( & more to come), relics from our video … Continue reading “Marika Molnar PT Using The MINIS™ With NYC Ballet”

Pilates Apparatus Certification Program For Teacher Trainers and Studios

Finally, this is ready! The best Teacher Training materials result from having written programs 25 years ago and then reviewing  and updating as the population changes and prospective teachers have more exposure. Now we have the perfect combination of exercises 77 in total—40 “The Hit Parade” photographed in full color in the Student Manual, along with 37 additional … Continue reading “Pilates Apparatus Certification Program For Teacher Trainers and Studios”

Ashley Benson and Joan Breibart discuss training athletes using Tye4®.

Ashley has partnered with Coach Vaughn Bass to offer a unique training program specifically designed for athletes. Through their program they focus on rehab, balance, flexibility and strength (specifically joint stabilizers and spine which are often forgotten) which results in reduced risk of injury and improved performance. The program not only improves performance in competition … Continue reading “Ashley Benson and Joan Breibart discuss training athletes using Tye4®.”