MINIS™ By Parasetter® are Here!

  As Pilates/Yoga Movement Teachers, you know how important the feet are to a body’s overall health. The 26 bones with their intact neuromuscular system and connective tissues work to support, stabilize, and move the body through space to get you to where you want to go. However, wearing fashionably narrow, high heeled shoes and doing excessive physical activity … Continue reading “MINIS™ By Parasetter® are Here!”

Content Keeps Coming

We often receive many questions about downloading our various online programs and materials. In order to clear up any confusion with the Parasetter® Class, we have made all the materials permanently available not only in our store, but also in the Parasetter® Class section of our website! Here’s what one instructor had to say about … Continue reading “Content Keeps Coming”

Parasetter® Class Package

The Parasetter® Class Package is now available free of charge! The videos will be permanently available on our website and Vimeo page, and the accompanying 36-page Manual is available for download. Click here to download it for free from our online store. We suggest that you start with the 40-minute video, which when taught in a … Continue reading “Parasetter® Class Package”

Pilates Anytime

During Joseph Pilates’ birthday celebration weekend in May, Kristi Cooper of Pilates Anytime interviewed me for several hours. If you’d like to watch and are not already a member, you can use the code BREIBART for a month of free access to Pilates Anytime content. They have over 2000 videos about the Pilates Method and other … Continue reading “Pilates Anytime”

Parasetter® Class is Ready

In a week we will release the Parasetter® materials–two videos and a 40 page Manual. As we finished editing this comprehensive educational program to be delivered digitally, we want you all to know that it will also be free. We asked our esteemed Pilates Teacher Trainer Michele Hoyos to test drive the actual workout. Her … Continue reading “Parasetter® Class is Ready”

Teacher Training

Twenty-five years ago on June 19, 1991 Eve Gentry mailed an announcement of the establishment of the Institute for the Pilates Method. The very next day, Eve Gentry, Michelle Larsson and I began work on the first organized curriculum to teach the Pilates exercises on the Mat and the Apparatus. Effective immediately, we are no … Continue reading “Teacher Training”

Standing Pilates® Program

The Standing Pilates® Program is finally here! The Program comes in two parts. The first features an updated Manual containing 33 exercises over 40 pages with accompanying photos of all the exercises. The second part of the Program is the video portion, in which PMI Instructor Yuu Fujita teaches three different instructors Standing Pilates® for … Continue reading “Standing Pilates® Program”

Parasetter® Workshop Testimonials

On Saturday, April 23rd, we held the inaugural Parasetter® Workshop at Westside Dance Physical Therapy in  New York City. It was an informative and refreshing experience for all involved, and really shed light on the powerful impact Parasetter® can have on our daily lives. Below are some testimonials from the workshop participants, plus a few … Continue reading “Parasetter® Workshop Testimonials”