Parasetter® Videos

These Parasetter® videos explain why this new work is so  beneficial. In the Recovery Sequence,  see how easily you reset your Parasympathetic Nervous System. Joan Breibart and Marika Molnar PT, LAc  discuss the cortisol connection and other benefits.


Parasetter® Recovery Tips

  • Limb movements are optional.
  • Other limb sequences can be used.
  • Ten minutes of breathing is optimal.
  • Rib Wrap should be snug.
  • Head Support is positioned for comfort.
  • Close eyes or place a cloth over them.
  • Use Parasetter® on the floor or a firm mattress.
  • With Parasetter® on floor, legs can rest on a chair.



While focused breathing is necessary for resetting the Parasympathetic Nervous System, it’s actually the exhalation that is key. It’s essential to exhale for a few counts longer than your inhale because the vagus nerve – which runs from the neck down through the diaphragm – sends a signal to your brain to activate the PNS and reduce the activity of the Sympathetic Nervous System. As we already know, the SNS is responsible for cortisol and the fight-or-flight response; by performing this focused breathing with a longer exhale, the body is able to return to a calmer state much more efficiently and effectively.