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Tye4® is a sleek, wearable resistance and assistance system designed to make any exercise more challenging and effective. The Tye4® bungees add 20 pounds of resistance to your workout so you feel and see results more quickly.

Tye4®, like the traditional Pilates apparatus, can be both resistive and assistive…what I love most is that it really helped my clients understand axial decompression and elongation. Clients can more effectively elongate their torsos, subsequently engaging their TVA’s, with the resistance literally against their skin.  As a teacher, that works with a lot of compromised backs, this incredibly valuable! –Kelly Kane, Kane School

Tye4® embodies ‘tensegrity’- a balance between tension and compression, between push and pull. –Brent Andersen, Polestar Pilates

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Tye4® has been featured in the March / April issue of Pilates Style Magazine in 2014. Read the spread here.