Tye4® group class at Studio-Colors in Japan

Tye4 Standing and Pilates Mat Class in Brazil with Elaine DeMarkondes

Tye4 Standing and Pilates Mat Class in London with Lonna Mosow

Tye4 training at Bklyn Pilates, New York

Standing® Pilates Workshop, New York City

Tye4 Class at Total Pilates, Oklahoma.

Tye4® Official Launch in New York City.

Another Successful Tye4® launch! This time in Brazil with Elaine de Markondes:

10 Year-old Brazilian boy practicing baseball movements wearing Tye4®. (See toe placement of foot loop)

Spine Twist:

Leg bungees crossed in front; Arm bungees homolateral on the foot and homolateral and counterlateral on the hand depending on the side of the rotation – Created by Elaine de Markondes, Brazil

Tye4 Workout in Curitiba, Brazil.