What They're Saying

"The most noticeable thing is how light my muscles feel after using Tye®. Generally when I'd exercise , my muscles feel the same as before I started, which is heavy. With Tye4® they feel as if a huge weight has been taken off and that's great."-Duncan MacIntyre; Office Chair Advisor
“The center groove in Parasetter® makes the difference. I felt my trunk both separately and connected across the front and the back. And footwork with the MINIS really improves global balance and core integration.”-Elaine DeMarkondes, MD , Certified Pilates Educator
"It is fun teaching Tye4® Fusion to clients, but even better attending the first Tye4® workshop where I was surrounded by enthusiastic Pilates professionals. We went faster, worked deeper, and explored the numerous possibilities of this apparatus."-Allison Black; Living Proof Nutrition/Fitness
"Parasetter® is amazing. I love the Rib Wrap. The shape of these rollers, the way it hits the scapula is frigging heaven. Oh my God I know where I'm going to be every night before bed. Brilliant -- can't wait to turn my clients and fellow teachers on to it."-Michelle Hoyos; Pilates Teacher
"For the past year, I haven't been able to do a correct pain-free relevé on my left foot. The wear and tear from ballet was made worse by doing the same steps over and over again on Broadway in An American in Paris. After working with the MINIS™ I am finding balance and flexibility within my foot so that I am now able to do a proper relevé. I am so grateful for this small, lightweight intervention, now in my dance bag and with me everywhere I go."-Robert Fairchild; Principal Dancer New York City Ballet
"The change in my body is obvious. Yet the change in my head is so profound! Eating is now easy for me [...] In fact, the only hard thing about 80Bites was admitting that I didn't know everything about weight loss."-Zoe Stein Pierce; Pilates Studio Owner