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Tye4® is a sleek, wearable resistance and assistance system designed to make any exercise more challenging and effective. The Tye4® bungees add 20 pounds of resistance to your workout so you feel and see results more quickly.

Tye4®, like the traditional Pilates apparatus, can be both resistive and assistive…what I love most is that it really helped my clients understand axial decompression and elongation. Clients can more effectively elongate their torsos, subsequently engaging their TVA’s, with the resistance literally against their skin.  As a teacher, that works with a lot of compromised backs, this incredibly valuable! –Kelly Kane, Kane School

Tye4® embodies ‘tensegrity’- a balance between tension and compression, between push and pull. –Brent Andersen, Polestar Pilates

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Tye4® has been featured in the March / April issue of Pilates Style Magazine in 2014. Read the spread here.

Tye4® Fit and Use Instructions


Front Tye4® Fit Instructions

Tye4 Bungee Wraps NEW


Tye4® group class at Studio-Colors in Japan

Tye4 Standing and Pilates Mat Class in Brazil with Elaine DeMarkondes

Tye4 Standing and Pilates Mat Class in London with Lonna Mosow

Tye4 training at Bklyn Pilates, New York

Standing® Pilates Workshop, New York City

Tye4 Class at Total Pilates, Oklahoma.

Tye4® Official Launch in New York City.

Another Successful Tye4® launch! This time in Brazil with Elaine de Markondes:

10 Year-old Brazilian boy practicing baseball movements wearing Tye4®. (See toe placement of foot loop)

Spine Twist:

Leg bungees crossed in front; Arm bungees homolateral on the foot and homolateral and counterlateral on the hand depending on the side of the rotation – Created by Elaine de Markondes, Brazil

Tye4 Workout in Curitiba, Brazil.





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"The most noticeable thing for me is how light my muscles feel after I've done the routines. Generally when I do exercise routines or pulling/lifting weights, my muscles feel the same as before I started, heavy. With Tye4 they feel like a huge weight has been taken off them and that's great."

- Duncan MacIntyre, Office Chair Advice

“It was fun teaching Tye4 Barre/Burn at the Peninsula, but it was even more fun attending the first Tye4 workshop where I was surrounded by enthusiastic Pilates professionals. We went faster, worked deeper, and explored the numerous possibilities of working with Tye4.”

- Allison Black, Living Proof Nutrition/Fitness, New York City

"A new studio just opened with those souped up Reformers promoting their sweaty workouts and caloric burn. The Tye4 workout is affordable and just as commercial but still in the spirit of Pilates. Let the games begin!"

- Emily Smith, Focused Fitness, Columbus, Ohio

"The arm work was killer. I'm really sore but a good sore. The repetitions were great and hard. By the time we started the shoulder plank I had to stop because I thought I was going to get sick!  HOT! I loved it.”

- Jill Balch, Total Pilates of Tulsa, Oklahoma

“C'est un ustensile léger et versatile, facile et rapide à mettre sur soi et qui permet de mieux sentir la connection au niveau des épaules et du centre. C'est la nouveauté idéale pour tous vos cours de Pilates, qu'ils soient mat, machines ou debout.”

- Claude Masson, Pilates Plaza, Valencia, Spain

“Had a blast... great training! I'm looking forward to introducing Tye4 in Massachusetts with my connections in health clubs, Yoga, Pilates and personal training studios starting with a Tye4 class for instructors.”

- Kate Blaine, Blaine Pilates, Massachussetts

“I have been teaching Tye4 classes for around 3 months and my clients are progressing and loving it. Our workshop in NY was a great group of ladies from all over the states and as far away as Spain and Japan. Had a blast with all these talented teachers. By the last run through we were ready for Broadway. Looking forward to all the amazing possibilities with Tye4 and this exciting new training. 
I love how Tye4 makes you aware of alignment plus helps you to open extending through the torso and limbs.”

- Michelle Hoyos, Hoyos Pilates Life, Issaquah, Washington

"Using the Tye4® is comparable to having a personal trainer assist me through the movements. The added resistance the Tye4® provides helps me focus on my form.  I'm more aware of my hands and feet and the role they play in every exercise.  With the Tye4® every movement and position is intentional. The Tye4® allows me to feel more graceful. I love the feeling of support it provides behind my back.”

- Ashley Benson, AshleyBensonFitness, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

“Tye4 is the most creative and innovative equipment I have ever seen. You can do most of the exercises effectively and this can spread Pilates to masses."

- Canan Gul, Nua Pilates Studio, Turkey

“WOW, my muscles are sore in a good way and my joints are fine even though I have rheumatoid arthritis!”

- Lisa

“Makes you hurt in new places”

- Connie M.

“Great class for all fitness levels. I really felt all my muscles working.”

- Tia T.

“I use Tye4 and HeadFloater everyday!”

- Kayo Kawasaki, Japan


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